Original Nutritional Oatmeal

Packing: 600g/bag, small package 30g*20

Carton size: 47*30*25cm

Carton capacity: 600g(30g*20)*10

Cooking method: soak in hot water

Shelf life: 18 months


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Introduction: milk + oatmeal, double excellent nutrition

Oats imported from Australia are preferred, rich in calcium, and imported milk powder is preferred

Imported milk powder is paired with Australian imported oat milk, rich in calcium, delicious, delicious, and strong bones

Independent small bag packaging is convenient for eating, storing, taking and carrying;


  1. Australian high-quality oats
  2. Add milk powder, the milk is rich and the taste is sweet
  3. Rich in calcium, it is a good choice for teenagers, middle-aged and elderly people
  4. Zero trans fatty acids, no burden on health.


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