Organic Oatmeal

Packing: 1.05kg/bag

Carton size: 45*31*24cm

Carton capacity: 1.05kg*10

Cooking method: soak in hot water

Shelf life: 12 months


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Introduction: Organic tablets, the whole process can be traced, natural nutrition is healthier

Exclusive organic planting base, natural and pure soil, no pesticides and fertilizers, no chemical fertilizers and pesticides, no hormones, no growth regulators, no genetically modified, artificial harvesting, no additives in the whole process, passed organic product certification

The production of the products complies with the US organic and EU organic production standards, and the US organic, EU organic labels and China organic labels can be marked on the packaging



It adopts bag design, which is convenient for storage and consumption;

35 processes, 21 selections, 4 stages of cooking and maturing process;

Contains no less than 8 kinds of nutrients, protein, dietary fiber, β-glucan, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.; quick gelatinization for 1 minute quick breakfast;

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