Shanghai Lihua Global Trading Co., Ltd is an enterprise established in Shanghai and focus on the field of international foodstuffs trading. Different from traditional trading companies, Lihua-Global has adhered to the concept of healthy, professional and sustainable development since its establishment. Lihua-Global has brought together outstanding R&D, quality control and market development personnel in the food field. Relying on the advanced food R&D and testing laboratories jointly built with universities and supported by a reliable supply chain development and management system, Lihua-Global can provide high-quality healthy food as the core. At the same time, we provides food production systems and solutions composed of complete elements such as food R&D and testing, food additives, food packaging, food machinery and equipment, and food transportation to meet the needs of overseas customers for sales and localized production.

At present, Lihua-Global has established long-term cooperative relations with many excellent food production and sales enterprises at home and abroad. In the future, we will continue to strive to provide more high-quality Chinese-made food for global consumers.

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